Two Los Angeles police officers were greeted with a very unexpected sight when they stopped a speeding car early Sunday morning.

Officers Maraea Toomalatai and Brian Armendariz pulled over a white Chevrolet only to discover that a woman sitting on the passenger side was in labor.

“The father stuck his head out of the window and screamed, ‘Baby! Baby!” Officer Toomalatai said at a press conference, according to KTLA. “At that time, I wasn’t quite sure, so I walked up to the car and I saw both of her legs propped up on the dashboard.”

Sasha Murphy was in fact just minutes before giving birth in the car when the two officers leapt into action (much like the Seattle cops who helped a woman give birth in her car). The police officers escorted Murphy and her husband, Mohammed Tindley, to the Dignity Health California Hospital Medical Center, where they also posed for photos with the happy couple.

Although Murphy didn’t make it to the hospital in time before giving birth to a healthy boy, she was glad to have these two officers helping her along the way.

“I am so grateful you guys were there,” Murphy said at the conference. “You guys were a big part.”

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