With Memorial Day marking the unofficial start to summer it’s time to start thinking about outdoor summer fun! Barbecues, days spent by the pool, and weekend jaunts to the beach or camping are all made a little easier when you have a few tricks up your sleeve!

Make the most of your summertime fun with these creative and useful summertime hacks!

1. Use baby powder to remove sand from skin at the beach. I like to keep a travel size bottle in my beach bag for easy access.

2. Slice limes in half and line with cloves. Place them on your picnic table as a natural mosquito repellant.

3. Or make your own citronella candles!

4. Make DIY ice cream sandwiches. With a serrated knife, cut a pint of ice cream, still in the container, into four slices; peel away and discard cardboard. Place each ice cream slice on a cookie, top with another, and press gently.

5. Make DIY fire starters with seemingly useless items you probably have lying around the house.

6. Eat your hamburgers upside down! The top of the bun is generally much thicker than the bottom and more durable.

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8. Make your own homemade sunscreen.

9. Put your phone in a plastic bag to protect it at the pool or beach. The touchscreen will work through the bag.

10. Create convenient storage at the beach with these Pocketed Beach Towels from Making it With Danielle.

11. Turn chip bags into free standing serving bowls. Roll the bag from the bottom up, pushing the chips up as you go. Fold the told of the bag under to create a nice clean line for the top of the bowl.

12. Light up your backyard with a mason jar luminary.

13. Put your valuables in a rolled up diaper at the beach, water park, park etc. Nobody will steal a dirty diaper! Just make sure a well-meaning friend doesn’t throw it away 😉

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16. Get silky soft beach legs with this DIY skin smoother.

17. When beach towels get stinky use this method to make them better smelling and more absorbent.

18. Clean your BBQ grill without chemicals.

19. Use a plastic lid or a cupcake liner to catch popsicle drips.

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